Welcome to Cena!

Cena (pronounced “Sayna”) means “dinner” in Italian and Spanish. We are a family owned business located in the Village of River Ranch in Lafayette, LA.

Our Concept…

is based on bringing the family back to the dinner table by offering delicious, ready to cook meals that are cooked by you at your convenience. We empower you by serving as your personal chef, preparing economical, restaurant quality meals for your families pleasure and convenience.




…with all of the distractions in our daily lives, there is little time to enjoy the company of our families, much less time to serve a loving and nutritious meal at the traditional source of family interaction, the dinner table.


…the freedom of taking a ready-to-cook gourmet entree out of the freezer in the morning, knowing that you have the foundation of a healthy, wholesome family meal for your family that night.


…you now have the time to enjoy the benefits of a delicious, healthy meal in your home, on your terms, at your convenience. And you get all the credit.

No prep, no mess, no stress!

That’s Cena…Supper Made Simple!

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