Famous Holiday Meals to Cook

Cook Up A Storm For Your Family!

Holidays are a time to spend together with the family, and also to cook and eat together. Christmas dinner is probably the most famous holiday meal of all and whilst it can be enjoyed in its most traditional form, exciting additions evolve all the time such as nut roast, celeriac gratin and glazed carrots, all popular ways to liven up Christmas lunch. Imagine coming home to all that delight after a fun game at https://www.casinosnz.co.nz.


In the summer the most famous holiday meal is of course, the barbecue, which seems to be as popular with vegetarians these days as it does meat-eaters. To prepare the perfect barbecue it’s all about keeping it simple.

baguetteMake up some lovely salads, as many as you can in advance such as courgette and feta or three bean salad, and concentrate on buying quality meat, fish and halloumi.

Simply make some homemade coleslaw and buy fresh baguettes on the day for the ultimate in simple, rustic barbecue delight. On bonfire night there’s nothing better than the humble spud, enjoyed with oodles of butter and a choice of meat or veggie chilli, which can both be made in advance, leaving the host free to watch the fireworks.

On Easter weekend families often get together for a Sunday Roast, and rather than the heavier Christmas options, this meal normally includes a joint of lamp, spring veg and for dessert, a homemade simnel cake.