How do I order online?


All you have to do is set up an account, log in, choose the dishes you would like to purchase, then pay. We will receive notification of your order, and begin preparing it for pick up.

When can I pick up my order?

We ask that you give us 24 hours notice for orders, so you will notice that you cannot order online for the same day. If you need something for the same day, please feed free to call us at 337-706-7568, and we will be glad to assist you.

How hard is it to cook your meals?

All of our meals are very easy to cook. Many entrees come in a disposable pan, and all entrees, sides and desserts come with complete instructions. And of course, if you still have questions, you can call or email us for help!

Do you prepare all of your dishes at Cena?

All of our entrees and sides are prepared on site. We make nearly all of our sauces from scratch, buy fresh meats and chicken, and hand trim in our kitchen. We do buy a few premade desserts, but also feature a few old fashioned, homemade desserts from our family cookbook.