Be The Best in your Kitchen!

Last year we saw an influx of new cooking methods as well as a celebration of old ones and with he birth of online recipes, what we eat is shared with so many. A lot happens online, what people choose to share, be it online shopping or playing at an online casino of their choice, the information is there for all of us to read and hit that button called “share”. A big trend was the low carb cooking revolution which saw stars like Ella of Deliciously Ella rise to fame as we all looked for ways to cut down on those grains and starches. With this came the introduction of appliances such as spiralizers.This handy little appliance makes food such as courgette into noodle shapes- cunningly convincing us we are in fact eating pasta!Cooking outdoors also moved on from the humble barbecue.
Sales of wood fired pizza ovens increased massively, despite the low carb revolution. However, with a rekindled love of cooking from scratch, wannabe pizziolas spent 2015 making their own hand stretched pizzas in their gardens for families and friends.
The introduction of fine dining cooking methods, that had previously just been the domain of top restaurants, also made their way into British homes. Sous-vide water baths as seen on shows such as Masterchef and home smokers, both saw an increase in domestic sales as more and more of us sampled with making our own gourmet meals at home.
Last year we also saw a rise in what many are calling ‘digital cooking’. Particularly popular with millennials (in other words- youngsters!), digital cooking may involve following a recipe, perhaps via a video, whilst later uploading and sharing photos of the finished meal. Big win at casino