Winter and Summer Meals We Love!

Eating in harmony with seasonal produce may be a current food trend, but in fact it’s how we lived for most of our human history. The best way to get inspiration for cooking according to the season is by only buying what’s been locally produced at any given time.

The best recipes in winter are heart-warming soups such as curried parsnip or leek and potato as well as hearty roasts with winter veg or meaty casseroles. During winter time, carrots, turnips, swede, potatoes, butternut squash and sweet potatoes should feature heavily in your cooking. For some of our favorites, try the Easy Elegance Cookbook.

During winter the best desserts are filling and have a warming element thanks to the addition of spices. Ginger cake, cinnamon buns, mulled fruits and spiced apple crumble are all sure to warm the family through on a blustery day.

In warmer months it’s time to look to summer veg such as salad, Mediterranean vegetables, leeks, courgettes, peas, beans and spring greens. Fabulously easy summer recipes include chicken Caesar salad, Spanish omelette or tapas- all ideal for al-fresco dining with friends and family.

In the summertime fruits are also in abundance and this is a great time to stock up on your five a day and also enjoy australian casinos for all members . Fruit salads, summer puddings, meringues and tarts are all popular choices.

Drinks-wise summer is the time for Pimms, cider and non-alcoholic fruit cocktails.